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From my early days pioneering the Athens, Georgia alternative rock scene in the 1980s with Love Tractor to working with Fortune 500 clients like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and AMEX, I know how to put on a good show. At the core, it's about over promising and over delivering.

While my venue might have changed from the 40 Watt Club to the boardroom, I am always focused on engaging an audience. Today, I help global brands discover their core narrative and build the brands that instill the sense of love and devotion found inside every consumer.

My name is Mark Cline and I am a Sr. Creative Director / Marketing / Brand Strategist leveraging my extensive experiences, passion for great graphic design, typography, all things online and a superior talent network to deliver innovative marketing solutions.

A classically trained graphic designer, I work side-by-side with clients to make the intangible tangible. Either working off their vision or helping shape one, I bring in the talent, resources, and strategies that help bring an idea to life.

A believer in disruption, I pave new roads to find unexpected places that deliver massive results. From online to outdoors to on the page, I customize my approach to fit the needs of a particular project.

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